Best ISPs in Alabama

Best ISPs in Alabama

The best ISP for you is easier to find when you are considering all the Alabama AT&T U-verse coverage you can get. There is a starting point with these services that helps you get the best out of your Internet connection without being confused. There are many ways for the people in the area to get a good connection, but they need to make sure that they are searching in the right places for what they need. These packages start with Internet, but they do not need to end with the Internet connection.

The Internet

You can start with the choice of Internet connection that you need for your home or office. Every home and office is different. You need to make sure that you get the connection that is the right speed, and you need to make sure that you are getting the line that actually works for you. You can get a T-1 line for your business, or you can get a simple line for your home. Make this choice before you continue with your shopping.

Bundle It

You can bundle your services together to get the results that you are looking for, and you must make sure that you are doing your best job of putting everything that you need together. Do not be afraid to put your phone, cell phone, Internet and TV all in one package. You can have your whole home set up on one bill, or you can get all the devices for your business set up for your employees. You will get one bill for everything that is not confusing.

Request Equipment

You can request all the equipment that you need to get yourself going. You can get a modem or card that allows you to connect to the Internet, or you can get a modem that installs in the wall. A T-1 line can be installed to send a wireless signal throughout the building, and technicians can run those wires through the ceiling. This is something that you can do to make sure that you have the best signal in the building, and you will learn quickly how to manage your office with this new service.

You can make changes to your home or business with the help of these services, and you get them all from the same company. There are many ways for people to get the best Internet connection possible, and you need to try to search for something that is going to help you with the best prices possible. You need to find the provider that offers everything above.

You’ve Got Mail

You’ve Got Mail

With the rate at which technology advances, it seems as if the world expects a new gadget every week. The moment we get the newest tech device, a newer, more advanced version comes out right behind it. While technology helps us with most of our daily task, we still tend to believe the reality shown in movies like ‘I Robot’ is a very distant reality. Or is it?

Perhaps not with the newest research and advances in drone technology. Most robotic devices out on the market today are ones in which act similar to Siri on the iPhone, or Cortana for Windows. Ask it a question, it will research, and out pops your answer. Other various task are scheduling your appointments and making calls for you. Most have never done a physical task for us like taking out the trash or washed the car. However, one company is on the verge of what is one of the first robotic designs which actually completes a physical assignment for you.

Matternet, founded by Andreas Raptopoulos and Paola Santana have created the first ever drone, named appropriately ‘One’, which will deliver your mail, and even medicine, to your front door. That’s right, its see you later to the mail man, and hello mail bot. ONE has already been tested in Haiti where it successfully delivered medicine and other items to an area where normal mail service is unable to go. The drone landed with no technical problems or damaged goods. With the success in Haiti, ONE is now ready to make its appearance in other parts of the world.

Switzerland is next on the list to implement the drone delivery service. The Swiss Post, responsible for the mail delivery services in Switzerland, will not call on ONE to make the mail delivery for them. The agreement is that Matternet will supply the drones and Swiss Post will design the daily operations. While this is a large feat attempted by the Swiss Post, it does not go without some limitations. Don’t worry Swiss mail man, you are still needed. ONE’s technical specifications will allow it to travel up to 12 miles on one charge, and carry up to approximately 2 pounds of goods. That being said, ONE is certainly not going to meet the needs of every mail delivery. The design will be to use ONE to make small package deliveries within a close range, ideally carrying letters, small packages, and light weight parts.

While ONE and other drones like it may still be in the development and research phase, we can expect great things to come with this type of technology.

Samsung Stunned by Own Galaxy S6 Edge Sales

Samsung Stunned by Own Galaxy S6 Edge Sales

Samsung did not invent the idea of a curved screen on a mobile phone. The novelty has been around for several years and a few different manufacturers played with curved glass designs, although mostly in other markets (such as Japan). However, Samsung brought it to the forefront with last year’s Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Previous to this, most manufacturers has released phones with a curved screen more as a novelty than anything else. With the Note Edge, it actually had functionality to it, as the curved, waterfall edge provided new commands desirable to a heavy user. Samsung rolled out a very soft release of the Note Edge and, while it sold the phone in the United States, it monitored how reactions were. Reviews of the Note Edge proved especially positive, and it also showed people would spend an extra $100 on the curved screen, so Samsung decided to release an Edge version of its flagship phone, the Galaxy S. Needless to say, it has far outperformed what it ever thought it would do.

The Galaxy S6 comes with not one, but two slipped screens on the side. The screens don’t slope down as substantially as the one curve on the Note Edge as it still needed room for side buttons. However, it also provides a more asymmetrical look to the phone. Samsung liked the Note Edge sales numbers, and more people purchase the smaller, slightly less powerful Galaxy S, so it decided to increase the production to see where it would go. Since the phone’s release, it has completely sold out and it is selling almost on a one to one ratio with the regular Galaxy S6.

Mobile technology is often all about having the new and latest design and features. The Note Edge tested this out with some success, as users of the larger phablet design of phone have enjoyed the additional features found on the device. So, while it has shocked Samsung to the level of success the S6 Edge is selling out, the curved screens add new functions to the phones that, before the Note Edge, really did not exist.

Now, actual sales figures have not yet come out from Samsung, but the mobile phone maker really did need a major hit on its hands. The previous releases of the Galaxy S failed to perform. Sales have always been solid, but the phone has not drastically changed look or dramatically changed in size since the S3 hit the markets three years ago. Apple has managed to keep sales strong as it releases a new, completely altered phone every two years, with the off years providing spec upgrades. Samsung has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to screen size, as Apple dragged its feet releasing a larger phone, and an eventual phablet, so in this way, having the larger screen size from the beginning has almost proved detrimental to the company in a way, as customers did not, until the new S6 Edge come out, have a reason to go and get something new.